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CREW Network is at the forefront of achieving gender equity and greater diversity in commercial real estate. We will achieve this by advancing women in the industry globally. Our membership offers unparalleled business networking and leadership opportunities both locally in your market and globally across our 13,000 member base. View our member benefits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between CREW Network membership and CREW Sacramento membership?

CREW Sacramento is an affiliate organization of CREW Network. Therefore, a member of CREW Sacramento is also a member of CREW Network. This global Network is comprised of 75+ affiliate organizations with a total membership of more than 11,000 CRE professionals.
While the overall purpose and goals of CREW Sacramento reflect those of CREW Network, CREW Sacramento has its own unique structure allowing it to meet the needs of its market and membership. CREW Sacramento uses the CREW Network Qualified Fields of Commercial Real Estate (QFCRE) to guide its membership criteria and experience prerequisite, and determines its own dues, programs and member activities.

How often do you meet? What’s the time commitment for membership?

CREW Sacramento typically holds a luncheon approximately once a month, and periodically hosts additional professional development and membership drive events as well as an annual golf tournament and awards dinner and ceremony. Members are not required to attend luncheons or events or to dedicate any particular amount of time to CREW Sacramento. We encourage members to get involved on a committee to help maximize your membership experience. Committee participation can vary, but each committee normally has a one-hour meeting or conference call once a month.

What are the benefits of membership?

Members of CREW Sacramento experience camaraderie with other men and women working within the many areas of Sacramento's commercial real estate community. As part of this group, members are afforded the opportunity to network, build relationships, expand business, and generate business opportunities. Members also have the opportunity to learn through informative luncheons. By participating in CREW Sacramento, members have the opportunity to support other women in our community through our philanthropic efforts.
As a CREW Sacramento member, you also have access to all CREW Network benefits:

  • Exclusive access to CREWbiz, an online business networking tool, membership directory, speakers’ directory and personal marketing profile. Your profile on CREWbiz can be used to promote your skills and expertise to our member base of more than 11,000 professionals globally.
  • Discounted registration to the CREW Network Convention and Marketplace
  • Discounted registration to the winter, spring and fall CREW Network Leadership Summits
  • Exclusive access to programs and leadership trainings, including the CREW Network Certificate in Leadership
  • Complimentary copy of all CREW Network industry research benchmark studies and white papers
  • Access to hundreds of industry job postings and career assistance through the CREW Network Career Center

What are the types of membership?

CREW Sacramento currently has three categories of membership:

  1. Active: Active members have one or more years of experience and are employed in a professional position, the primary responsibilities of which are in a qualified field of commercial real estate and who derive at least 75% of their gross volume of business from commercial real estate matters. 
  2. Affiliate: Affiliate members are (a) individuals who would otherwise qualify for active or provisional membership but for the requirements regarding the percentage of income or business; (b) individuals engaged in professions indirectly related to the commercial real estate field, including, but not limited to, vendors, residential real estate professions, and subagents of those categories referenced as potentially eligible to be Active members; and (c) all individuals interested in promoting the purposes of CREW Sacramento, whether or not they meet other membership criteria set forth above. 
  3. Provisional: Provisional members have between six (6) months and one (1) year of experience and are employed in a professional position, the primary responsibilities of which are in a qualified field of commercial real estate and who derive at least 75% of their gross volume of business from commercial real estate matters. 

What are the qualified fields of commercial real estate?

The list of CREW Network's Qualified Fields of Commercial Real Estate (QFCRE) can be found here.

What is the application process?

Prospective members should complete the online or PDF application form and submit to CREW Network Office c/o CREW Sacramento 1201 Wakarusa Drive, Suite D, Lawrence, Kansas 66049 or email it to connect@crewsacto.org. Membership applications are considered for approval by CREW Sacramento's Board of Directors at their regular monthly meeting, usually on the third Tuesday of each month. After applications are considered, applicants will be contacted by CREW Sacramento's Membership Director.

Is membership in CREW Sacramento limited to women?

No. Although most of CREW Sacramento's membership are women, men are not excluded from membership or for attending any event hosted by CREW Sacramento.